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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Okta Universal Directory - Consolidating AD samAccountName

Okta Universal Directory

Extending Okta Profile

In the Admin console go to the People tab

Click Profile Editor

Select Okta from the Profiles and click on the user link

Adding a Custom Attribute

Click add Attribute button

Adding the Attribute Custom attribute to the Okta profile

Used to create one instance of the samAccountName from the different AD domains

 Populate the Custom Attribute

Click on Directories list

Click on a directory

Click on Map Attributes

Select the tab that specifies pushing data from the "directory" to Okta


Scroll down to the custom attribute

Click the Add Mapping drop down and select samAccountName

Click Save Mappings

When your asked to apply the mappings to all users with profile select Apply update now

Do this will all instances.

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