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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quick Tip Consolidating logs

If you have multiple web front ends and application servers then you know that it's painful looking through the logs. Just a quick trick that I can up with is to move the logs into one spot.
I know that you can create a shared drive and map it to all the wfe and apps but this can slow down performance so I just created a little cmdlet and run it from the App server.

My logs directory run the following

Another good practice is to move your logs from the C drive to a different drive (physical if possible). The C drive already has a lot of resource competing this will free it up and make sure that everything is still working. My general experience is when the C drive is full basically you're app is a ticking time bomb and it's going to blow up soon.

To change the logs go to Central Admin > find log and change the location to a separate (physical drive is the best) drive.

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