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Monday, August 9, 2010

Application Pools pertaining to SharePoint

Application Pool

Application pools are a security and process boundary for a set of IIS web applications. Multiple web application can run in a single worker process. Application pools should be create if processes need to be isolated for stability or security. Especially if the web application is going to be going to be used with custom code or has request and proceses intensive sites.

When should an application pool be created?
An application pool should be created if an application has custom code or has multiple memory and processes intensive sites. Also if the application is deemed missing critical and uptime is the utmost importance then this might warrant an app pool.

More background Information:

The Http.sys is responsible for getting http request and send responses back to users.

Http.sys -----> Listen --> Queues -->(Isolation mode send to worker process) --> Responses

Worker Process -> A processes that runs in user mode to process a request from the Http.sys queue. The worker process runs in it's own process space so it want interfere with other http processes that are on a different process. After the worker process processes the request it use Http.sys to send it response back.

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